The goal of a Computer Security Operations Center (COSI or SOC) is to monitor, detect, and respond to security events in an organization's IT infrastructure, to protect it against threats and reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents.
COSI is responsible for collecting and analyzing security data from multiple sources, such as event logs, security alerts, vulnerability and threat information, to identify potential intrusions and security breaches in real time. COSI's security team works to respond to security incidents, mitigate the effects, and take corrective action to prevent them from happening again in the future.
In summary, the primary goal of a COSI is to protect an organization's information technology infrastructure, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its critical data, and ensuring business continuity. 



SIEM is related to two concepts, Security Event Management (SEM) and Security Information Management (SIM). SEM refers to the correlation and monitoring of events in real time. SIM refers to the storage of the data obtained, the analysis thereof and the generation of reports from them. Thus, SIEM offers a global and joint vision of the IT security of the company and whose main function is to detect abnormal behaviors to prevent the organization of computer threats. 
Normally, companies that implement SIEM as advanced technology for security prevention , they do so through a Security Operations Center (SOC).

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O​ur objective is based on the needs of companies to have centralized security for their infrastructure and comply with international 27001 and national Spanish ENS Medium and High standards

Our Services

SOC Cloud basic service for SMEs

System integrated in the cloud, supervised by a team of experts in computer security, which constantly analyzes and monitors the status of your network and organization, detecting any security incident and providing an almost immediate solution.

Technical measures of the Spanish ENS medium/high level

Integral service of technical adaptation to the Spanish regulations of the National Security Scheme Spanish (ENS). We evaluate your information systems in detail and provide you with an adaptation plan adapted to your needs and budget.

SOC Cloud basic service for SMEs

For €175 / month and that includes

Data analysis and correlation

SOC collects and analyzes information from different sources, such as event logs, security alerts, vulnerability and threat information, to detect patterns and correlations that may indicate a potential attack.

Rapid response

The SOC security team must be able to respond quickly to security incidents, identify the root cause of the problem, and take corrective action to minimize the impact and prevent it from occurring again in the future.


SOC uses advanced tools and technologies to automate security monitoring and analysis tasks, reducing response time and improving safety team efficiency.

Team of experts

SOC's security team consists of computer security experts, who have extensive experience in detecting and responding to security threats.

Communication and collaboration

SOC works closely with other teams in the organization, such as the IT team and the incident management team, to coordinate response to security incidents and ensure business continuity.

Continuous improvement

SOC conducts a constant evaluation of its performance and results, to identify opportunities for improvement and improve its safety processes and tools.

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Our SOC is based on SIEM Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel (formerly known as Azure Sentinel) is a security information and event management (SIEM) platform Microsoft cloud based. The platform provides security analytics advanced, real-time threat detection and data visualization of security to help protect the organization's infrastructures against cyberattacks.

With Microsoft Sentinel, security teams can collect data from various sources, including on-premises systems, public clouds and private, network devices and cloud applications, and use the artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and correlate security events. The platform also integrates with other Microsoft security solutions, such as Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Security Center and Microsoft Cloud App Security.

In addition, Microsoft Sentinel allows the creation of rules customization and automation of responses to security incidents, which that enables security teams to respond quickly and effectively to security threats. The platform is also scalable and can be customize to meet the specific security needs of each organization.

Microsoft Sentinel

Digital evolution is at your fingertips. Explore the images below to immerse yourself in the revolution that will change the way you perceive and experience security analytics.
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Technical measures of the medium/high level Spanish ENS for SMEs

In our company we are dedicated to offering technical adaptation services to the Spanish regulations of the Spanish National Security Scheme (ENS). The Spanish ENS establishes the necessary security measures to protect the information of companies and public entities, guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.  

We are certified with the high level of the national security scheme to offer the services of SOC Cloud. Our IT security experts offer you a comprehensive service to comply with the Spanish ENS efficiently and effectively. We carry out a detailed evaluation of your company's information systems and provide you with a personalized adaptation plan that adapts to your needs and budget.

Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

Our goal is to help you comply with Spanish ENS regulations effectively and efficiently, so you can focus on the development of your business and not worry about potential security risks. We ensure that your company meets all the regulatory requirements and technical requirements necessary to protect your company's data and ensure business continuity. Trust our experience and professionalism to technically adapt your company to the Spanish National Security Scheme. Contact us to receive more information about our services and personalized budget without obligation.

Our technical adaptation services include:

  • Risk analysis and security assessment of information systems.
  • Login anomalies: monitoring failed or unusual login attempts, as well as login usage patterns, can help detect potential threats.
  • Network traffic anomalies: monitoring network traffic, especially unusual patterns or spikes in activity, can help detect potential attacks.
  • Malware Activity: monitoring malware activity, such as suspicious file downloads or executions, can help detect and prevent infections.
  • System configuration changes: being alert to any unexpected system configuration changes, such as user creation or deletion, can help detect intrusion attempts.
  • Unusual resource usage: monitoring unusual usage of system resources, such as CPU, memory, and storage, can help detect potential denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
  • Privileged user activity: monitoring the activity of privileged users, such as system administrators, can help detect and prevent potential account compromise or abuse.
  • Email behavior: monitoring email, especially messages with suspicious links or malicious attachments, can help prevent phishing and other email-based attacks.
  • Application behavior: monitoring the behavior of applications, especially attempts to access unauthorized resources, can help detect and prevent potential code injection attacks.
  • Remote access activity: monitoring remote access activity, such as remote desktop or VPN connections, can help detect unauthorized access attempts.
  • Changes in the IT environment: being alert to any changes in the IT environment, such as the addition or removal of devices or software updates, can help detect potential threats and ensure that the environment remains safe and secure.
  • Definition of security policies and procedures for the treatment of information.
  • Training and awareness of employees on information security.

We guarantee the best technical and economic solutions to meet your needs

Cyberthreats in real time

In the following graph you can see all the cyberattacks, globally, that are taking place in real time. If you wish, you can filter the threats according to their type, with the lower buttons provided (OAS, ODS, MAV , etc).

We cover all the technical requirements in cybersecurity, to cover your certification in the Spanish ENS (Pentesting, Security Audit, Ethical Hacking, etc...)

About us

We are consultants of the ISO 27001 standard and the Spanish ENS in its level of compliance and technical measures to be implemented, as well as certified independent auditors of the same.


We are not only experts in technical measures, but also in the Spanish national security scheme

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